Setup of Companies

Sale of private Limited liability companies (UAB) is a service intended to quickly acquire a legal entity without the time-consuming processes required by the establishment of the company, and without the search of authorized capital. You have already set up a non-performing company in just one day.

Already established company purchase - a solution quickly to buy a private Limited liability company (UAB) and immediately begin to operate.

Company (UAB) sale with a new name: if you wish, we will establish and sell the company with your invented name.

We sell private Limited liability companies (UAB) ready for work:

Without performed activities;
No debts and liabilities;
Opened Bank account;
Formated share capital of 2500 EUR (possible and higher if needed);
Under the statutes you will be able to carry out any non-prohibited activities;
Registration adress;
If necessary, we will register the company as a VAT payer.

We also help and advise you in setting up:
Small community (MB)
Individual company (IĮ)
Public Institution (VŠĮ)
The Association