Accounting Services

  • Companies accounting services from primary documents to complete financial statements
  • Citizens, engaged in individual activities, accounting and tax returns
  • Chief accountant service
  • Preparation of Annual financial reports
  • Arrangement of sloppy accounting
  • Prepare statements (to employees, banks, public authorities)
  • We provide authorities with VAT, income, profits tax, advance tax, road tax, pollution tax, package tax and other declarations
  • Relationship with the tax inspectors, provide him the answers to queries
  • We provide statistical data and reports to the Department of Statistics and Customs
  • We provide reports and data to Social Security Board

Consulting and valuation services

  • Consulting on accounting issues
  • Consulting on tax matters
  • Evaluation as calculated, declared and paid taxes
  • Existing and potential tax risk identification and suggestions as how to effectively reduce it
  • Consulting how to optimize taxes based on the laws in force
  • The company’s economic situation assessment
  • Companies Financial Analysis service
  • Companies Cost optimization plan preparation

Preparation of documents

  • Preparation of companies internal documents (decisions, orders, rules, job descriptions, etc.)
  • Employee contracts, material responsibility contracts and other employment-related documents preparation
  • Commercial contract drafting
  • Transfer of shares documents, reduction or increase of share capital documents drafting


  • Registering for VAT in Lithuania
  • Representing in the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI)
  • Representing in Social Security Board (Sodra)
  • Representing in Register of Legal Entities
  • Representing in banks and other institutions upon the customers request